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“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University and Çankaya University invite proposals for the 7th International Conference on Language, Literature & Culture

“Mapping Cultural Identities: Translations and Intersections”

Bucharest, Romania
25-26 May 2018

We are honoured to announce the 7th International Conference on Language, Literature & Culture “Mapping Cultural Identities: Translations and Intersections” organized jointly by “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University (Bucharest, Romania) and Çankaya University (Ankara, Turkey). This International Conference is an annual, peer-reviewed academic event and comprehensive venue for the free exchange and dissemination of ideas on literary, language, and cultural studies. It is held at a different university each year, and attended by scholars from around the world as well as around the hosting country. This year the conference will be hosted by “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University on May 25-26, 2018 in Bucharest. The conference covers a wide range of subjects in literary, cultural, and language studies, and welcomes presentations dealing with new interdisciplinary perspectives on these fields, contemporary social and cultural issues, and other areas of investigation. Each year we choose the conference theme among a large variety of topics that include English and Comparative Literature, Literary Theory, Literary Translation Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, English Language Teaching and Education, with a particular focus on contemporary discussions on gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, diaspora, nationalism. This year the theme of the conference is “Mapping Cultural Identities: Translations and Intersections”. We aim to bring together young scholars and graduates researching the intersections of cultural studies, imagology and translations, with a focus on cultural images constructions, various ways of approaching the concept of ethnicity and translation practices in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University in Bucharest. To this end, there is no registration fee to present at this year’s conference. All submissions to the conference are reviewed by at least two independent peers for technical merit and content, and the papers presented at the conference will be published in a volume. For further information, please visit the conference page at www.elts.cankaya.edu.tr and/or http://limbi-straine.ucdc.ro/llc-bucharest.php

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