ERCIYES UNIVERSITY (TURKEY) in collaboration with CANKAYA UNIVERSITY (TURKEY), MELIKSAH UNIVERSITY(TURKEY) and DIMITRIE CANTEMIR UNIVERSITY (ROMANIA) invites you to participate in the annual INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: "Inter-disciplinarity, Multi-disciplinarity and Trans-disciplinarity in Humanities" 


This International Conference is an annual academic event organized by Cankaya University in Ankara. This year it will be organized jointly by Erciyes University (Kayseri, Turkey), Cankaya University (Ankara, Turkey), Meliksah University (Kayseri, Turkey), and Dimitrie Cantemir University (Bucharest, Romania) and will be hosted by Erciyes University

Prof. Dr. Kurt Kohn‘s research interests focus on theoretical, empirical and pedagogic issues of second language learning and teaching, English as a lingua franca communication, discourse comprehension, translation and interpreting, and intercultural communicative competence.  In his overall approach, he takes a communicative and social constructivist perspective with an emphasis on case studies and introspective methods.  Since the early 1990s, he has been involved in European projects on computer-enhanced language learning and teaching, with a special focus on free content authoring, learner and teacher autonomy, authentication, and blended language learning.  He is co-developer (with Petra Hoffstaedter) of the language learning and authoring software Telos Language Partner and has co-authored a large number of multimedia and web-based language learning packages mainly for English, French and German.  His more recent European research activities concern the development of pedagogically designed language corpora for content and language integrated learning as well as the use of web collaboration tools for language learning and intercultural communication.

Nabil Matar’s research and teaching are in the areas of English seventeenth-century religious literature, British-Islamic relations, and Arabic writings on Europe in the early modern period. He started his career by teaching at the University of Jordan (1975-77) and at the American University of Beirut (1978-86). In 1977-78, he received a British Council grant to Clare Hall, Cambridge, and in 1982, a Fulbright grant to Harvard Divinity School. In 1986, he moved to Florida Institute of Technology where he became Professor of English in 1988 and Head of the Department of Humanities and Communication between 1997 and 2007. In Fall 2007, he began his tenure as Professor of English at the University of Minnesota.


Assistant Professor Hasan Baktır, Erciyes University

Assistant Professor Banu Akçeşme, Erciyes University


Assistant Professor Hasan Baktır, Erciyes University

Associate Professor Carmen Beatrice Dutu, Erciyes University

Assistant Professor Banu Akçeşme, Erciyes University

Assistant Professor Irina Kantarbaeva-Bill, Melikşah University

Research Assistant Yiğit Sümbül

Research Assistant Neşe Şenel


Professor Nursel İçöz, METU

Professor Meral Çileli, METU

Professor Behzad Ghaderi, Erciyes University

Professor Eugene Steele, Erciyes University

Professor Aysun Erden, Çankaya University

Professor Hasan Boynukara, Namık Kemal University

Associate Professor Abdulserdar Öztürk, Erciyes University

Associate Professor Doğan Bulut, Melikşah University

Associate Professor Nurten Birlik, METU

Associate Professor Feryal Çubukcu, Dokuz Eylül University

Associate Professor İsmail Çakır, Erciyes University

Associate Professor Ertuğrul Koç, Çankaya University

Assistant Professor Mustafa Kırca, Çankaya University